Fight Club: The journey to find liberation from suffocating frustrations

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When the film was first released, the producers were hesitant. They believed that the film would suffer heavy losses, so they tried to cut all promotional plans to avoid wasting money in vain. Since the film’s release, critics have still had mixed reviews for the film. Basically, “Fight Club” has too many violent scenes and explicit “hot” scenes.

The film was considered the most controversial work of 1999, mainly because critics found it difficult to conclude whether the film deserved to be considered a serious and valuable film work or not.

As time passed, “Fight Club” was still enjoyed by many generations of viewers. The film was successfully released through all kinds of tapes and discs, extending the film’s vitality in the hearts of the public and suddenly becoming a form of film. The classics are chosen by the viewers themselves, without needing any cult praise from critics.

That’s why over time, the media and film critics often have to go back and analyze to see how good and valuable “Fight Club” is.

“Fight Club” is a movie filled with frustration and depression, but also joy and excitement. It’s a movie about guys who are bored with life and feel like they’re living in a series of miserable lives. Because of repetitive work, they come to “Fight Club” to freely throw iron punches to relieve psychological frustration and stuffiness.

The movie has many fierce fight scenes, but there is no malice between the people participating in those fights, because they are all simply the same, they all come to the “Fight Club”, accepting receive beatings and be beaten in the ring, to release and feel lighter.

When director David Fincher made this film, Hollywood had passed the era of making films filled with violence and sex, so “Fight Club” was at first overlooked, thought to be just a movie. following outdated tastes.

But later, people understood that David Fincher really challenged himself with the movie “Fight Club” to tell a timeless story of middle-aged guys living in the city, going to work every morning, handsome and neat. harsh but filled with so much pressure and frustration inside.

In fact, time has proven that “Fight Club” is a quite impressive movie, especially in the beginning when describing the life of the male protagonist “nameless narrator” (actor Edward Norton). ).

In the film, Edward Norton plays a single middle-aged man with signs of depression, living alone in the city, everything in his life seems to be very fine in terms of material things, but negative things happen. Secretly inside the character, there is a secret, suffocating anger burning him.

Work and life gradually drove him crazy. To ease his frustrations, he regularly attended meetings organized by charity groups, where he listened to the stories of people less fortunate than himself and felt accepted. It’s comforting to know about the tragedies that happen in other people’s lives.

The first scenes of the film are told in a sarcastic, humorous voice, that of the unnamed narrator – Edward Norton’s character. The meetings with the groups worked, he felt like he got a sedative and felt like his life was generally under control, but then something went wrong…

He discovers that there is a woman who keeps appearing in the same meetings as him, that is Marla (actress Helena Bonham Carter). She is also a “wandering passerby” at meetings that the male protagonist attends, just because Marla likes the food and drinks served for free at such charity events. The male lead’s acting and deception, although harmless, are thus exposed.

On the plane, the male lead had another strange meeting with Tyler Durden (actor Brad Pitt), a guy with an interesting personality with a look that seemed to penetrate the male lead’s inner self.

It was Tyler Durden who took care of the male lead, letting him stay with him when the male lead’s apartment exploded and burned to ashes. It was also Tyler Durden who brought the male lead to “Fight Club”, letting him know about a community. A secret community of men who meet just to “beat” each other, to find freedom, indulgence and self-identity in fist fights.

From here, “Fight Club” began to have many fighting scenes, many critics began to lose sympathy for the film from this point, and for viewers, they felt… “old” with the scenes. The spectacular hand-to-hand combat scene really relieves frustration.

Later, “Fight Club” had a turning point in its content that was “falling back”, a very “fierce” twist. Later, many filmmakers were under pressure to create ending scenes that turned the whole thing upside down. content that viewers have seen before, like “Fight Club”.

So what does “Fight Club” want to talk about? According to Durden, going to “Fight Club” is a way for men to free themselves from the burden of modern life, a cramped and boring life. By being willing to accept all injuries and consequences when coming to “Fight Club”, the men participating in that life-and-death arena have found freedom.

Character Tyler Durden said: “Only when we have lost everything do we have enough freedom to do what we want.” Do the men in “Fight Club” really become stronger and freer after participating in a life-and-death fight? Is Tyler Durden the embodiment of a hidden personality aspect in every middle-aged man experiencing frustration and crisis?

In fact, “Fight Club” does not promote Tyler Durden’s way of thinking and acting, and is even a warning against that lifestyle. When people let themselves live too instinctively and add the oppression, frustration, and misery that comes from life pressure, they will easily become… crazy.

In general, viewers love “Fight Club” mainly because they get to see the two actors Brad Pitt and Edward Norton “fight” each other in the ring. The philosophies embedded in the movie are also interesting but are often overlooked. more attention.

Participating in this film, both Norton and Pitt had to go through real physical challenges, Pitt had to have his teeth fixed after this role.

“Fight Club” can be viewed as a “crap” movie, but it is attractive and has longevity, because the film has the participation of real cinematic talents.

The film is directed by David Fincher, written by Jim Uhls, adapted from the novel by Chuck Palahniuk. “Fight Club” is about the journey that tests the endurance of men in modern society. When the balance in their lives becomes unstable, they must find a way to fight to survive.

The film has beautiful frames in a naked, fierce, and dark style like the characters themselves. The language in the film is full of irony. Although the director and screenwriter incorporated many messages, in reality, viewers will remember most the attacks and cool looks of Pitt and Norton.

“Fight Club” is an exciting dramatic journey where every philosophy is behind the intense scenes that happen on screen. It’s the kind of movie that some people feel crazy and pointless after watching; But many people liked it and wanted to watch it again.