1/ What websites does Bflix have?
Bflix is not a brand so it has many websites, but https://www.bflix.cfd/ is unique
2/ Is Bflix.cdf a movie website?
No, we are not a movie website, you cannot watch movies here.
We are just a movie and celebrity news website
3/ Does Bflix.cdf limit access?
No, we do not limit access, anyone can access anywhere in the world.
4/ Is it possible to copy articles on Bflix.cdf?
No, we do not allow any individual or organization to copy or post the content of our website.
5/ Can you place advertising banners or buy backlinks from the Bflix.cdf website?
Yes, please contact the site administrator for assistance.
6/ Is it safe to access Bflix.cdf? Is there a fee?
We guarantee audience safety, and access is completely free