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Interstellar is a 2014 science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan. With a cast including Matthew McConaughey, Timothee Chalamet, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn and Michael Caine, the film is about a group of astronauts traveling through a black hole. Nolan developed the screenplay based on his new ideas mixed with a previous script written by his younger brother Jonathan Nolan in 2007 for Paramount Pictures and producer Lynda Obst. The film is produced by Nolan, Emma Thomas and Lynda Obst.

Interstellar Plot Summary

In 2067, a strange disease appears that is gradually killing food crops, sandstorms occur continuously, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere gradually decreases, these events push humanity to the brink of destruction. Eliminated. Cooper, a widowed farmer and former NASA engineer and pilot, lives with his father-in-law Donald, 15-year-old son Tom and 10-year-old daughter Murphy. Murphy believes that his room is haunted by a “ghost” that is trying to contact him. Murphy and Cooper discover that the “ghost” is an unknown form of intelligence, trying to send messages to itself through gravitational waves, demonstrated by strange dust trails appearing after the storm. sand. These messages are presented in binary code, revealing the coordinates of a secret NASA base, currently led by Professor Brand.

When they arrived at the NASA base, they were revealed by Professor Brand that a wormhole was created by a mysterious civilization near Saturn 48 years ago, opening a path to another galaxy that existed 12 years ago. Planets with the potential for life, these planets are located next to a giant black hole called Gargantua. 12 astronauts were sent to explore these planets, each one will send signals to Earth to see if their planet has enough conditions to form life. Of the 12 sent out, three sent signals announcing that their planet met the conditions for life. These three planets are named after three discoverers: Miller, Mann, and Edmunds.

Professor Brand offers two options to ensure the survival of humanity. Option A: take advantage of gravity to take giant space stations that cannot be launched by conventional rockets out of Earth, but the solution to the equation to do this is still unfinished; Therefore, there will be a backup plan B: they will bring 5,000 frozen embryos with them, starting a process of recreating humanity on a new planet. Professor Brand convinces Cooper to pilot the Endurance station to collect data on living conditions on these three planets to save humanity. Cooper’s decision to join this mission hurts his daughter. Murphy told his father that supernatural forces sent a message that he should stay (STAY). When father and son broke up, Murphy was still angry and refused to talk to his father.

Participating in this mission, in addition to Cooper, there will be Amelia (biologist, daughter of Professor Brand), Romilly (physicist), Doyle (geographer) and two robots with artificial intelligence. are TARS and CASE. The group departs for the first planet, Millers, orbiting a black hole called Gargantua. The black hole’s gravity causes time dilation on the planet, making it much slower than time on Earth: one hour on Millers is as long as seven years on Earth. Cooper, Amelia, Doyle, and CASE fly a small spacecraft away from Endurance, landing on the planet’s surface.

Arriving here, they discovered that the planet is covered by a shallow ocean with giant waves (due to gravitational pull by the black hole next to it, tidal forces). While attempting to reacquire Miller’s data, a wave crashed into the spacecraft and crew, killing Doyle and delaying departure back to the Endurance. When they returned to Endurance station, more than 23 years had passed. Murphy is now an adult and a scientist working with Professor Brand. Murphy is now aware of his father’s mission and tries to tackle plan A.

However, while dying, Professor Brand confessed to lying to Murphy, saying that he had solved the equation a long time ago. However, that is only half the answer, they will not be able to get giant space stations out of Earth without more data from the black hole’s singularity. Concluding that humans cannot escape Earth, Professor Brand placed all his faith in plan B. This made Murphy lose all faith in Cooper because he thought he knew this in advance and still decided to abandon him. Loved Ones.

Meanwhile, the fuel on the Endurance ship only allows it to go to one more planet before returning to Earth. Amelia believes that data from planet Edmunds is more promising for life, but data from this planet stopped being available three years ago. Cooper thinks that Amelia’s love for Edmunds is affecting his reasoning, and in the end he decides that the whole group will go to the planet Mann. When they landed on Mann, they found Dr. Mann in hibernation and woke him up. Dr. Mann described to the group that his planet was completely covered with ice and snow, oxygen on the surface was not enough to sustain life, however he discovered that underneath there existed a surface of ideal environment for the development of life.

At the same time, the group received Murphy’s message from Earth informing Amelia that her father had passed away. At the same time, Murphy also questioned whether Amelia and Cooper knew in advance about plan A (after going into the wormhole, Endurance). can only receive signals but cannot send them, so on Earth there is no knowledge of the crew’s journey). The truth is that neither Amelia nor Cooper knew anything about this, but Mann knew and confirmed that plan B was the true goal of this plan. Cooper thinks he has completed his mission and decides to leave the group and return to Earth to see his family.

Before leaving, he and Mann went to check out campsites for the group to stay. Mann suddenly removed the communication device and attacked Cooper, breaking his oxygen mask. He confessed that because he wanted to be rescued, he falsified data about the planet he explored. Meanwhile Romilly dies from a mine explosion (Mann’s trap) while trying to recover Mann’s secret. Mann flies a spaceship back to Endurance to go to Edmunds to implement Plan B. Cooper manages to get the radio back and calls Amelia to rescue him. Amelia pilots another spaceship to rescue Cooper and the two return to the Endurance just as Mann tries to dock his spaceship into the Endurance. Due to technical errors, the assembly lost pressure, killing Mann and partially destroying the Endurance. Cooper then attempted to return the Endurance to service.

After learning that the planet Mann cannot sustain life, Cooper decides to go to Edmunds. With very little fuel left, Cooper came up with the idea of taking advantage of the Gargantua black hole’s gravity to fly to Edmunds. The Endurance station will use each spacecraft’s fuel to accelerate and cut off that spacecraft when it runs out of fuel. The remaining oxygen was not enough, Cooper decided to fall into the black hole and sacrifice himself so that Amelia could escape. Now 51 years on Earth have passed.

After cutting off the spacecraft, Cooper and TARS fall into the Gargantua black hole, but on the other side is a 5-dimensional space. Time there appears as a physical dimension that allows Cooper to move to different times in Murphy’s room. Cooper regrets leaving, sending a STAY message to his daughter. Cooper also realizes that this space was created by humans in the future, and they chose Murphy, not him, to save humanity. The future man created this space so he could interact with Murphy as a supernatural force, changing the future but not the past.

Using gravitational waves, Cooper sends the data TARS has collected about the black hole’s singularity to adult Murphy via Morse code, indicated by the movement of the hands on the watch he gave his daughter before when on the road. Murphy reads these codes, completes Brand’s physics equation and gets humanity off Earth before it turns into a dead planet. Cooper is later found near Saturn and wakes up on the Cooper space station, which is named after Murphy’s last name.

Cooper meets his daughter again, now very old. On his deathbed, Murphy convinces his father to find Amelia. Meanwhile, Amelia lands and discovers Edmunds dead. She and CASE set up camp and started plan B on planet Edmunds, an ideal planet for life. According to his daughter, Cooper and TARS boarded a spaceship to find Amelia, opening a new world for humanity.

Interstellar Cast

  • Matthew McConaughey plays Joseph Cooper
  • Anne Hathaway plays Dr. Amelia Brand
  • Jessica Chastain plays Murphy “Murph” Cooper
  • Mackenzie Foy plays young Murph
  • Ellen Burstyn plays the older Murph
  • Bill Irwin plays TARS (voice and animation), CASE (motion)
  • Michael Caine plays Professor John Brand
  • John Lithgow plays Donald
  • David Gyasi plays Romilly
  • Wes Bentley plays Doyle
  • Casey Affleck plays Tom Cooper
  • Timothée Chalamet plays young Tom
  • Matt Damon plays Mann
  • Josh Stewart plays CASE (voice)
  • Topher Grace plays Getty
  • Leah Cairns plays Lois
  • David Oyelowo plays the Principal
  • Collette Wolfe plays Miss Hanley
  • William Devane plays Williams
  • Elyes Gabel plays the Manager