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Red Eye

Red Eye, a thriller movie from 2005, was helmed by Wes Craven and penned by Carl Ellsworth, drawing inspiration from a tale by Ellsworth and Dan Foos. The cast includes Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, and Brian Cox. The plot revolves around a hotel manager caught up in an assassination scheme orchestrated by a terrorist during a late-night flight to Miami.

Red Eye Plot Summary

After attending her grandmother’s funeral, Lisa Reisert arrives at Dallas Love Field to catch a late-night flight back to Miami, Florida. She encounters a charming young man named Jackson Rippner, who is also heading to Miami. While waiting to board, they share a drink at the airport bar and engage in casual conversation. To Lisa’s surprise, Jackson ends up seated next to her on the flight. However, his friendly demeanor quickly takes a dark turn as he reveals that he is part of a domestic terrorist group planning to assassinate Charles Keefe, the current United States Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.

Lisa’s role as a manager at the Lux Atlantic Hotel in Miami, where Keefe and his family are staying, is crucial to their plan. Rippner threatens Lisa, saying that if she doesn’t make a call to move the Keefe family to a specific suite, her father Joe will be harmed. Despite Lisa’s attempts to seek help and delay the call, she faces obstacles and Rippner remains vigilant. Eventually, Lisa contacts her colleague Cynthia and instructs her to relocate the Keefe family to the targeted suite.

Jackson refuses to call off the hitman waiting at Joe’s house until the assassination is confirmed. As the plane lands in Miami, Lisa discloses a past traumatic experience of being violently assaulted two years prior. Determined to fight back, she stabs Jackson in the throat with a pen, takes his phone, and escapes the plane.

Outside, Lisa steals an unattended SUV and rushes to her father’s home after the phone battery dies while trying to call him. She accidentally hits and kills the hitman outside Joe’s house when he fires at her. Joe is unharmed and has already contacted emergency services. Jackson arrives and incapacitates Joe, then chases Lisa inside the house. In a struggle, Lisa retrieves the hitman’s gun and shoots Jackson. Injured, Jackson disarms her and is about to harm her when Joe, who has recovered, shoots Jackson with the gun. Lisa returns to the hotel to offer assistance, where Keefe commends both women for their bravery and thanks them for saving his life and that of his family.

Red Eye Cast

  • Rachel McAdams as Lisa Reisert
  • Cillian Murphy as Jackson Rippner
  • Brian Cox as Joseph “Joe” Reisert
  • Jayma Mays as Cynthia
  • Jack Scalia as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Charles Keefe
  • Robert Pine as Bob Taylor
  • Teresa Press-Marx as Marianne Taylor
  • Angela Paton as Nice lady
  • Suzie Plakson as Senior flight attendant
  • Monica McSwain as Junior flight attendant
  • Dane Farwell as Hitman at dad’s house
  • Laura Johnson as Blonde Woman
  • Loren Lester as Doctor
  • Max Kasch as Headphone kid
  • Kyle Gallner as Headphone kid’s Brother
  • Brittany Oaks as Rebecca
  • Beth Toussaint as Lydia Keefe
  • Colby Donaldson as Keefe’s head bodyguard
  • Marc Macaulay as Coast Guard officer
  • Jenny Wade as Coffee shop girl
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