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Dexter is an American television series, about Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a blood analyst working at the Miami Police Department and also a serial killer who specializes in hunting criminals. overcome loopholes in the legal system. The first part of the film comes from the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004) by author Jeff Lindsay. It was adapted into a television series by screenwriter James Manos, Jr..

Dexter aired on Showtime from October 1, 2006, to November 22, 2013. The series achieved widespread acclaim, including four consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Drama Series in its first four seasons. Season 4 aired its final episode on December 13, 2009, with 2.6 million viewers, making it Showtime’s most-watched episode at the time.

In April 2013, Showtime announced Season 8 would be the final season of Dexter.

Dexter Plot Sumary

Orphaned at the age of 3 and severely traumatized, Dexter was adopted by Harry Morgan – a police officer in Miami, who recognized Dexter’s murderous tendencies and taught him rules such as only killing criminals. heinous criminals (child molestation, rape, murder, etc.) – those who have slipped through the justice system. To satisfy his love of blood and facilitate his crimes, Dexter works at the Miami police department as a forensic examiner. Besides, Dexter’s love life is also very complicated and he has to maintain his appearance in society like other normal people.

Season 1:
Losing his parents is a painful memory for Dexter. When Dexter and his sister Debra asked about his biological parents, Harry only said that they died in an accident. Early on, Dexter began killing animals and showed signs of not being emotionally connected to people. Seeing that the boy’s murderous tendencies are increasing and cannot be quelled, Harry decides to help the boy transform them. Harry teaches Dexter how to hide his actions from the police and that if he has to kill someone, then only kill the bad guys. Dexter calls these instructions “Harry’s Code”. Harry’s daughter Debra knows nothing about her brother’s true nature and also doesn’t know why her father spends so much time with Dexter.

As a general rule, Dexter injects the victim with anesthetic and then puts them in a specially prepared room to finish them off. After killing the victim, Dexter cut the victim into many small pieces and dropped them into the sea to destroy the body.

Dexter’s life is a secret to everyone. To make himself seem like other normal people, he meets Rita, a mother of two children: Astor and Cody. At work, Dexter is seen as a friendly, friend to Masuka and Batista. Only Sgt. James Doakes is suspicious about Dexter’s behavior.

The first season begins with a series of murders targeting prostitutes by a murderer known as the “Ice Truck Killer”. Meanwhile, Dexter’s younger sister, Debra, is trying to get into the crime investigation team. Dexter’s life gradually becomes complicated when Rita begins to care more about him.

Season 2:

From this part onwards, the film is no longer the same as the novel.

A month later, Dexter was unable to kill anyone due to Sgt. James Doakes followed and his sister Debra moved in with him while she was recovering. Rita forces Dexter to attend rehab classes when she suspects he is a drug addict.

Divers accidentally discovered many bags containing pieces of Dexter’s victims’ bodies on the seabed, police and the FBI stepped in to investigate the culprit known as the “Bay Harbor Butcher”. Dexter had to find a way to cover up and destroy the evidence that led to him, but the investigation agency’s confusion led to James Doakes being blamed as the perpetrator of the mass murders. Doakes later died in a gas explosion caused by Lila West. Lila West later attempted to kill Dexter but failed and was killed by Dexter in Paris.

Three new characters appear in this installment: Keith Carradine as Special Agent Frank Lundy – the FBI agent leading the “Bay Harbor Butcher” investigation, JoBeth Williams as Gail – Rita’s mother, and Jaime Murray as Lila Tournay /West – Dexter’s girlfriend in rehab class.

Dexter also discovers that his adoptive father Harry did not die of heart disease, but committed suicide because he could not live with the person he created.

Season 3:

In this part: while hunting the drug criminal “Freebo”: Dexter kills Oscar Prado in self-defense and begins to befriend Oscar’s brother Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits). Rita discovered that she was pregnant and informed Dexter. She decides to keep the baby whether Dexter agrees or not. Dexter then proposed and a wedding between the two was held in the final episode. Meanwhile, Debra investigates the serial killer known as “Skinner” and strives to become a detective.

In addition to Jimmy Smits, the third part of Dexter has the appearance of two characters: Desmond Harrington as Inspector Joey Quinn – Debra’s partner when he is transferred from the drug department to the crime team, and Anne Ramsay as Debra. Ellen Wolf – a lawyer that Miguel hates.

Season 4:

Dexter tries to find a way to balance his life with work, family, the birth of his son, and his “extracurricular” activities. Their marriage had become worrying at times.

John Lithgow is a new actor appearing in this part as “Trinity Killer” (Arthur Mitchell) – a dangerous serial killer. Keith Carradine returns as FBI agent Lundy to track down the “Trinity Killer”.

Season 5:

Dexter is devastated after Rita’s death at the end of season 4, feeling guilty for not being able to protect Rita from the “Trinity Killer”. Inspector Quinn suspects Dexter is involved in his wife’s death and begins to investigate him.

Dexter meets imprisoned Lumen Pierce (played by Julia Stiles) and helps Lumen take revenge on the bad guys who harmed her – a group of people who kidnapped, raped, and tortured women.

Season 6: 

María LaGuerta was promoted to captain when she imposed conditions on Matthews because of his involvement with prostitutes. Matthews then promoted Debra to the position of lieutenant – captain of the homicide investigation team to retaliate against LaGuerta.

Quinn proposed to Debra but she refused, causing Quinn to become bored, indulge in alcohol and neglect work.

This part has two main villains: Killers Doomsday, professor James Gellar (Edward James Olmos) and his student Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) – who seek to end the world through murders based on the Book of Revelation. Huyen. There is also the appearance of two new characters: Mike Anderson (Billy Brown) – who has just been assigned to the murder investigation team, and Jamie (Aimee Garcia) – Batista’s sister and Dexter’s babysitter.

Season 7:

After witnessing Dexter kill Travis Marshall at the end of season 6, Debra is shocked but reluctant to help him cover up the murder by burning down the church. Debra then learns about Dexter’s true personality.

This part has the appearance of the character Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson) – a Ukrainian tycoon who comes to Miami to take revenge on the man who killed one of his associates, Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) – a widow, who later became Dexter’s new lover. Meanwhile, LaGuerta is also investigating a blood sample that Dexter accidentally dropped at the Travis Marshall crime scene. LaGuerta later investigates Dexter as the perpetrator of the “Bay Harbor Butcher” incident and he realizes that the only way to keep it a secret is to kill LaGuerta. Debra discovered Dexter’s work but she still decided to shoot and kill LaGuerta to protect her brother.

Season 8:

The eighth season premiered on June 30, 2013 as the final season of the Dexter series.

After causing LaGuerta’s death, Debra felt guilty and had a psychological crisis, she left the Miami police department and moved to a private investigation company. Batista became a lieutenant – captain of the murder investigation team. Psychiatrist Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) arrives at the Miami Police Department to help investigate a new serial killer named “Brain Surgeon”. Vogel reveals to Dexter that she knows “Harry’s Code”, and that she was the one who helped Harry create Dexter. Dexter agrees to hunt down the suspects on Vogel’s list while she tries to get Debra psychological treatment.

Hannah McKay returned under a new identity – the wife of millionaire Miles Castner. Hannah confessed to Dexter that she came back to ask him to kill Miles because Miles always monitored and controlled her very closely. Debra tried to capture Hannah, but later gave up when Hannah convinced her that she truly loved Dexter. However, detectives Elways and Clayton also stepped in to search for Hannah.

Dexter then discovered that the “Brain Surgeon” was Oliver Saxon – Vogel’s son. He planned that after killing Saxon, he would move with Hannah and her son Harrison to Argentina to live a new life. Dexter then captures Saxon, but realizes that he no longer has the urge to kill thanks to his relationship with Hannah. Instead of killing Saxon, Dexter calls Debra to arrest him, but Clayton follows Debra and accidentally rescues Saxon. Saxon kills Clayton soon after and escapes after shooting Debra.

At the airport, Elways is hunting for Hannah. After a while, she escapes with Harrison to Argentina.

Saxon went to the hospital with the intention of killing Debra, but the police stopped and arrested him. After surgery, Debra suffered a stroke due to complications from a blood clot, causing her brain to die. Dexter returned to take revenge on Saxon by puncturing his jugular artery with a pen, then he returned to the hospital to turn off Debra’s ventilator and drop her body into the ocean. Dexter drove his boat into a storm, faked his death and moved to Oregon to live as a truck driver.